How To Choose The Right Test Kits For Biological Weapons Detection.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Test Kits For Biological WeaponsTesting suspicious powders and liquids for biological weapons is already a daunting task. The last thing first responders need to question is the quality and performance of their Hand-held assays or HHA's. Advnt Biotechnologies understands this concern, its one of the reasons why we develop and manufacture all of our first responder test kits under ISO-9001 cGMP guidelines simply to help alleviate questions and concerns like these during critical situations.

In addition, Advnt addresses several other concerns many first responders have, like ease-of-use, the need for additional collection kits or electronic readers, fast immediate results, reliability and shelf life.

Ease of Use:

Many competing HHA detection systems can be difficult to use, and require in-depth training, electronic equipment or readers and some require additional sample collection kits. Advnt’s Pro Strips and BADD devices are designed for ease-of-use. So simple in fact that just about anyone can follow the instructions and properly perform the test without any direction from others.

Additional Equipment:

The use of sophisticated electronic readers and the need of additional collection kits are often required by other biological warfare detection devices such as RAMP™ This equipment also requires decontamination by the manufacturer and ongoing maintenance by your own personnel. BADD™ and ProStrips™ DO NOT require readers, collection kits or any additional equipment. All of our products are completely packaged and ready for use. No electricity, no batteries,  no collections kits and zero maintenance required!

Immediate Results:

Waiting for results wastes precious time and keep personnel in the HotZone for an excessive amount of time. In addition, some HHA's requiring an electronic reader can require up to 30 minutes for just one test. If your running multiple tests, this can take hours. Both BADD™ and ProStrips™ provide results in as little as 3 minutes. In fact, ProStrips allow you to run 5 different tests at the same and requires only one small sample while other HHA's require samples for each test you run.


Of course, the immediacy of results means little without accuracy. In the early days of HHA's (detection devices for biological warfare weapons), tests weren’t always reliable, some failed more than 50% of the time. unfortunately, some individuals continue to hang onto that outdated information. Today's HHA is extremely reliable and offers the first responder a high level of accuracy, dependability and assurance they can depend on time and time again. Advnt has gone a step further, our HHA's have been positively evaluated by more independent organizations and military installations than any other HHA on the market today! We guarantee that you will not find a better hand-held assay than BADD™ or ProStrips™

Shelf Life:

No test kit is effective indefinitely, but  BADD™ and ProStrips™ both have the longest shelf life of any test on the market today – two years. Additionally, Advnt's test kits do not require any special storage conditions throughout the products 2 year life, and they both perform in temperatures of 34°F to 120°F without any degradation in their performance.

Equally important to the five elements mentioned above is the cost of acquiring HHA's. Both Pro Strips and BADD detection devices are extremely cost-competitive and in many cases are well below other brands. Affordability combined with superior quality make both BADD and ProStrips the HHA of choice among first responders worldwide...