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Agri-Terror/Biothreat or Just a Killer E.coli Out Break???

Does the answer really matter?

I suppose it does to somebody, not to any of the dead or their families.

The “Health officials” are still not to sure where the nasty little killer came from. More importantly, they do not know how to keep this from happening the next time.

Health officials have mistakenly identified the source of the deadly E. coli outbreak more than once.; All they really know is an outbreak has killed at least twenty-two people and left more than 600 in critical condition.

Authorities have tested eighteen sprout mixtures, but their results showed that they were not the source of the outbreak. A few weeks ago authorities pointed to Spanish cucumbers, only to have to admit they were wrong. Yet the big news continues to be that the food guys are losing as much as $290 million a week. Spain is left holding the bag and their reputation is sullied.

Authorities have tested eighteen sprout mixtures including beans, peas, garlic, and radishes, but results showed that they were not the source of the outbreak. The sprouts in question originated from an organic farm in a region near Hamburg.

Further tests have revealed that the E.coli found in the cucumbers contained a different strain of bacteria than the current outbreak.

The bogus identification has greatly impacted the Spanish economy with officials estimating that Spain’s fruit and vegetable exporters are losing nearly $300 million a week.

Despite the German government’s findings that Spanish cucumbers were not the cause of the outbreak, wary consumers across Europe have stayed away from all of Spain’s produce. Russia and Qatar have even gone so far as to halt all fresh-produce imports from Europe.

Are you getting a feeling about how huge this mess really is? And how powerless the “Authorities” really are to stop it?

The current outbreak plaguing Germany is from a particularly rare and deadly strain of E. coli that has affected more than 1,700 people.

The infection results in bloody diarrhea, sever cramps, and fevers, but more than 500 patients are suffering from a deadly complication known as hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), where the bacteria begins producing toxins that attack the kidney and nervous system.

According to the World Health Organization, 103 people in twelve countries have been affected by the outbreak. All but one were found to have recently travelled to Germany.

American health officials have reported four suspected cases of the infection from people who recently travelled to Hamburg, Germany.

I’ve recounted all this to just ask a very simple question, “Is relying on the “Authorities” to solve all our problems serving us well?

All one needs to do is look at the record. Then start to figure out, “how can I be a bit more self reliant to protect myself and my family?”

Advnt’s product’s are focused on being simple to use, yet very robust, specific and sensitive to detecting the biological targets which can make you dead.

Thanks for reading. I’ll try to bring more articles for your interest.

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